Supply Chain Management can be the Key to Sustainable Growth for the Small to Mid-Size Business

By Mary Hubbard

imagesOftentimes the small to mid-size (SMB) retailer underestimate their ability to make necessary changes to ensure their financial success.  A recent article in Logistics Viewpoints by Karen D’Andrea of Pitney Bowes, highlights four steps that could make all the difference.

Because many SMBs focus on the idea that resolving their day-to-day business operations outweighs the analysis and implementation of shipment management opportunities, they miss out on the significant savings associated with reducing freight costs.

Only 25% of SMBs use a transportation management system (TMS).  A good TMS can identify shipping management solutions, optimize system automation, integrate inventory management from multiple stores or warehouse locations, and create multi-carrier shipment management solutions.

While most SMBs may feel they are not yet ready for or don’t need a TMS, a growing company often finds that their logistics expenses outpace their revenue growth. For instance, they may add more warehouse capacity, in “stair-step” mode, and thus the per-unit cost of their logistics operations shifts.  Successfully growing as a business is unquestionably linked to optimizing logistics within the supply chain.  A transportation management system is an easy way to ensure that success.

For most of our clients, we favor MercuryGate (as does Forrester Research) or 3PL Central, but we can support you in selecting a TMS that’s a good fit for your unique situation.




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