Still using Spreadsheets?

By Mike Murtaugh

spreadsheetYou are NOT alone.  Why do we continue to use them, when they have so many limitations?  Well, they are familiar. They don’t crash. They are a file format that can easily be shared with others, a common language everyone speaks. We can use a spreadsheet to accomplish at least SOME of what we need. Maybe it takes a lot more time, but who has time or inclination to learn something new? And we’ve been burned before by big technology initiatives that promised to save time and money without any disruption. As the old saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

There are plenty more reasons why manual processes continue to dominate many aspects of Supply Chain Management.  Even in larger and more sophisticated companies, we find that spreadsheets are still being used to operate critical Transportation and Warehouse operations.  We fear that migration to powerful new solutions like TMS (Transportation Management Software) and or WMS (Warehouse Management Software) will be painfully slow, and changing the old ways of doing business is taking a step into the unknown.

Here at Supply Chain Coach, we feel that it’s time for even resource-challenged organizations to take another look.  Today’s web-based solutions are robust and stable and intuitive enough to start using, right out of the box. They include features and functionality that connect all of the key stakeholders in your Supply Chain; Customers, Vendors, Carriers and internally Customer Service, Operations and Management. This high-level collaboration occurs through emails, portals, and dashboard access to the central TMS and or WMS hosted in the Cloud. Visibility and connectivity across all of these areas allows for increased productivity and reduced cost.

What we find is that companies who embrace TMS and WMS are more successful companies. These companies are better able to manage growth, as well as business challenges. And these are better places to work, because streamlining everyday tasks frees up time for higher level work: identifying savings and new kinds of optimization, delivering better performance. With these tools in hand, you can be a hero at your company.

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