Reducing Your Company’s Carbon Footprint through Transportation


By Jennifer Liccardi

Transportation is a key factor in a company’s carbon footprint. A carbon footprint is the greenhouse gases that a company emits into the environment through manufacturing and transportation. Companies of the future are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint; this can be done through optimization of shipments. Optimization of the shipments could be consolidating a lot of small shipments through a consolidation point, consolidating multiple shipments from a single vendor or consolidating multiple shipments from multiple vendors.

A consolidation point in Chicago, IL was implemented for one of our customers.   After analyzing a year’s worth of shipments the direct mileage would have been 1,019,873 miles but by going through the consolidation point, the miles decreased to 322,241. This resulted in the reduction of Co2 gases by 68% and 76,814 gallons of fuel saved! A big key to this solution is that trucks were not being sent partially filled. Maximizing the space of the truck will allow for greater decreases in a company’s carbon footprint.

Consolidation is a great way to reduce Co2 gas emissions but mode conversion is another option. Switching from truckload to intermodal will also provide a decreased carbon footprint as a train does not emit as much greenhouse gases.

There are many options to help reduce a company’s carbon footprint. It can be through warehousing, transportation or greener vehicles. But consolidating shipments or utilizing consolidation points is a quick way to decrease the carbon footprint and help our planet.

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