Keeping Pace with Changes in Supply Chain Management

By Bill Cunningham

0f335efSupply Chain Management is an ever-evolving industry.  It was not until the 1960’s that the concept was actually defined, and even at that point, all the various aspects to a business were still seen as individual silos, not one interrelated system.  But as time passes and technology advances it has became clear that there are substantial economic benefits to developing an integrated supply chain.

“Keeping Pace with the Skills Needed to Manage Supply Chains” (Supply Chain 247, April 15, 2013) by Edgar Blanco and Chris Caplice highlights how Supply Chain Management (SCM) has evolved and highlights the skills that are required to effectively manage it in today’s global environment.

There has been an evolution from basic supply chain functionality towards a more strategic approach applying technology, metrics and risk management disciplines.  In this environment, SCM leaders need to have better analytical skills that they can cultivate within the organization, be leaders of virtual or multinational teams, skilled at integrating complex technology systems that span multiple functions / organizations, and be strategic thinkers at both the company and industry level.

Although this seems like a long list of prerequisites, here at Supply Chain Coach we couldn’t agree more.  This is why we coach our clients on how to build their business intelligence through better data analysis.  We emphasize building strategic business scenarios through modeling so our clients can see the big picture along with its possibilities.  We help companies transition to cloud-based technologies for reliability and efficiency.  And we coach them on creating uniform and consistent project management with clear and concise communication.

The quick pace of advancing technology has propelled this evolution in SCM.  Supply Chain professionals who use these advances to their advantage can outpace those who remain complacent with the old ways of doing things.

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