The 3 Biggest Supply Chain Mistakes Companies Are Making Today


Even with a TMS, companies aren’t finding the waste in their transportation networks.

If you’re trying to run an operation that minimizes inventory and turns, there’s little margin for error. Logistics team resources are stretched thin. Facing this challenge, many companies are increasingly turning to TMS and WMS to provide efficiency and cost savings. But even with the latest & greatest technology, much of the savings is left undiscovered.

Here’s what we’ve seen companies doing:

Companies not adopting a robust TMS

Or fitting their process to the software, instead of making the software conform to the process.

Making changes without first modeling the impact

Use TMS to implement your redesigned network, not your “as-is” process, or an unproven concept.

Incomplete implementations

Or not getting their teams trained to use all the functionality of their new system. Or overspending on embedded consultants who take their expertise with them when they leave.

Mike O’Hare
Director of Logistics & Warehousing at Cytosport, Inc.
Tom French
CEO at Supply Chain Coach
Bob Mundell
Vice President of Technology Solutions at Supply Chain Coach
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