Supply Chain Glass™

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A data warehouse you can implement today

We’ve all read about the promise of big data, but even moderately-sized operations generate scads of data that’s silo’ed in TMS systems, on different servers or “clouds”, with numerous obstacles to conducting deep analysis or visualization.

Affordable and flexible analytics

To make better decisions, you need historical business intelligence about your key performance indicators, such as order fill rate, location utilization, and associate productivity.  But most companies we speak with don’t have the appetite for million-dollar custom business intelligence solutions that take a year to deploy. Supply Chain Glass™ can be configured in a matter of days, not months. With Glass, you can unlock the value of your historical data for greater savings, and true control tower visibility into SKU-level logistics costs.

Supply Chain Glass™ Data Warehouse Architecture

Access and analyze multi-year data.

To maximize performance, SaaS software providers like MercuryGate routinely archive transactional data from their servers, making it difficult to generate the year-over-year KPI’s that you need for effective performance measurement. Supply Chain Glass™ aggregates data from your 18-24 months of production data with up to 200 years of archived data (no kidding) to create a single platform for visualization and analysis With Glass, you get the best of both worlds.

A dashboard configured to your KPIs

Whether it’s accounting or logistics or marketing that has questions, the answers are often hiding in your data.  Whether you just want to bring consolidated data into Access or Excel, or if you’re keen to use Bime, Jaspersoft or another Business Intelligence solution, you can have this at unlimited work stations at an affordable price and in a remarkably short timeframe. We’ll configure the system based on your needs.

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